Coming soon: Using the Pi for Display Panels

I recently set up a Pi to run a slideshow-style presentation for a display panel in a church lobby. I used the Pi because it allowed:

  • Full automation – any schedule we need.
  • Freedom from clunky, proprietary display software. The presentations use LibreOffice Impress (a free alternative to PowerPoint).
  • Remote management – I don’t have to go onsite to configure settings, or to update the presentation.
  • Scalability – if we decide to add more displays, they can be managed collectively.

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Cutting the Cord – Using Pi for Home Media

We officially entered the “cord cutter” world around 2015, when we told Comcast that we’d had enough.  Unfortunately, we still have to get our internet from them, because they’re the only game in town (that can provide service to our home).  But no more no more cable bill for a package of channels that nobody wants, just to get the few that we care about.  No more set-top box, no more second remote, no more nest of cables behind the TV.  Below is the ongoing story… Continue reading “Cutting the Cord – Using Pi for Home Media”

It’s still cooking!

Hi everybody. I found very few sites for Pi owners to get advice, and share how they’re using the Raspberry Pi. So that’s the plan here.  We’ll have a blog (this), and a forum.

Incidentally, this site does NOT run on a Pi. 😉